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and finally, we got the winner! …………. HOORAYYYY.

it’s a real relief on my part becuase Indie I Do event finished a long time ago (like 2 weeks). and we just got the lucky draw winner for one free light strand like two days ago!

i guess, maybe bringing offline to online relationship might not work as well. people need more incentive to come and like our facebook page… yes, they need to commit to it if they really want the prize!

OK, but before explaining to you in more details, let us tell you a bit about the contest.

date: Jan 28th, 2012

event: Indie I Do at Heritage Hall on Main St.


1) people pick the sticker (letter and color) they like and put it on our business card

2) people go LIKE us on facebook and will get the notification of the winner on their newsfeed.

3) one week after the event, we announce the winner by color/letter of the sticker and that person has to take a picture of her/his sticker on our business card to claim the prize.

can you believe that out of 100+ stickers we handed out, we’ve got around 40 who came and liked the page? that’s around 30% response rate which is better than the usual industry e-mail response rate!. (yes i am a stats geek! ;-))

So we drew and announced the winner twice, but no one claimed it. And finally, I had to create a google doc contest registration form and put it on our facebook page so only those who really liked us have a chance to get one.

and out of that 40ish new LIKES around 20 people registered. yep, maybe creating another step to differentiate who wants to win the prize and who doesn’t really make a difference.

oh well… it all is done and went well anyways. Totally love the idea of creating a registration form to seek out for those who really commit to LIKE us! — commitment can really differentiation type of people.

we want to give it out to real fan anyways right? ^^

maybe i’ll give a discount code for all who registered.. what u think?

anyways, talk soon kk?

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